Monday, July 6, 2009

A More Refined T-Shirt

My husband left college with a degree in history and a minor in t-shirts. He has developed a bizarre connection to this collection o' cotton and holds onto them with a vice grip that should be reserved for a trapeze maneuver over open flames.

I could care less if he owns them...I care that he wears "Jamaican Me Crazy 1996" in public. To pick up bagels on Sunday morning, walk the dog or a run to Lowe's - they are worn. And with pride. In my opinion, they shouldn't be seen outside the confines of our backyard. Ever.

Compromise found! Stumbled upon these t-shirts from Southern Marsh recently.

Southern Marsh's Born on the Bayou Shirt

Classic imagery, 100% lightweight cotton and a pocket! Perfect.

Psst...they are offering three tees for $54 if you use coupon code SummerShirts.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Toad, my friend, I'm finally getting around to telling you I bought another pair of Topsiders. Yes, I read your recent musings on how much you dislike them. Please don't hold it against me-- these just jumped into my hands and I'm not a bit sorry. Canvas and cushy-- I wear them with no socks, of course, and I did end up just tying a square knot in the leather laces so I could snip them. They slide right on and off. I never thought I'd want to own a pair again after everybody just HAD to have them in the '70s. I wore them when I sailed (before they were cool), then everybody got them. Molly thinks they're pretty spiffy too.