Wednesday, January 20, 2010

shorts in january

Oh my god. . . it's good to put shorts on in January! Aruba is great so far. . . though too. . . I don't know. . . American. I was expecting more European, like Antigua was 25 years ago. We're on the Marriott reservation. Very, um, New Jersey. I say that, knowing that Cape May is my favorite place on Earth, but I expected something different here. Our goal is to find some good local cuisine tomorrow. This afternoon was good for scouting for snacks to stock the kitchenette, some wine, some gin, some vermouth. . . then dinner and cigar. A good cuban for the Man. Even tasted good to me, I must admit. Beautiful sunset. Will let you know what the beach looks like in the early a.m., when I'm at my best. The Man is tuning the guitar and I'm admiring the anniverary bling (pictures in a future post). Life is good.


  1. My husband and I spent out honeymoon in Aruba....two weeks, loved it but 2 weeks was way tooooooo looooooong! :) Enjoy yourself!

  2. What a small world!!!!! so many people had the same story - unreal.

    thanks for the comment!