Friday, March 20, 2009

Culture Untainted by Cash

Hello Toad and Friends,

Where do I fit into the Merry Band of Banterers? I guess I will be your representative of the Nouveau Pov (or Pauvre if you prefer.) Not so much a contributer as a cautionary tale. Not so much a cautionary tale as a guide into the realms beyond comfort, should the recession grab you with its icy claws and drag you into The Cave of Implausible Budgets.

Aside from that, I'm English and grew up in a Medieval house equipped with 'ear holes' and creaking old doors; have pretty intriguing ancestors, and could probably answer any questions you may have on England or etiquette.

My favourite claim to fame is that I interviewed Stephen Fry over pizza.


  1. You know Jeeves??????

    Do tell. Does he like anchovies?

  2. Crikey, I don't remember. He's a lovely dinner guest - although technically I was his guest. I may have been the producer's guest, or the writer's - it was a Wilde night! I don't remember who paid, I just remember I didn't. Met him twice actually - once at the BAFTAs too.

  3. As a die hard Anglophile I can't wait for more of your stories.