Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hometown Musings

I imagine that most of the folks Toad has asked to post here have found something charming about the little corner of the world where each of us has chosen to live.

How about we start a series sharing our special place and why we chose it (or it chose each of us?)

I know this will require some work, but I'll start with something going on in my backyard today.

More later.

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  1. I love this idea. Sorry I haven't posted or commented for a while. I have an excuse. Before I give my excuse I need to say 'Happy Independence Weekend!' Am very chuffed that you kicked our butts all those years ago as I think the whole arrangement works much better like this. Congratulations on your wonderful country. I adore it.

    Been v busy with my bid for Ms Twitter UK (am competing against celebrities and general twitter users to be voted the best UK female on Twitter - am in semi-final). I'm taking part to get at least one writer in the final 25.

    I'm fighting with the slogan 'the pen is mightier than the pin-up' although "vote rebecca: she puts the 'wit' in twitter" has also been suggested. My followers expressed early on that they wanted me to stick with my homemade avatar photo and not pull out anything more professional or 'pretty' so I could fight my way through the models etc on brains alone. So far I've beaten pretty much all of the models through the wonder of six-word stories, haiku and general banter.

    Some publishers have backed my bid and I'm hoping it will raise my profile as a writer. It's exhausting though as I'm earning votes by writing haiku for people, answering literary questions etc. It's like literary stand-up.

    When it finishes I'll get some photos out and share my corner of the Cotswolds with you.

    If you'd like to support my bid by the way - whether you are a twitterer or not - the link is:

    You just click the + sign on my avatar to vote. The system works like phone voting - people can vote often if they choose - but you can only vote once in a 20 minute period.

    It would be wonderful if you were able to spread the word a bit as I'm up against our top celebrities and I'd love to get into the top 25.

    Stephen Fry is being very supportive and posts little messages to me quite often.

    Right - back to the campaign trail. Thanks for listening. Back soon.