Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter is upon us....bring out the sundresses

Please don't strike me down for being so blasphemous. Yes, we all know the religious significance of Easter. But, in the female world, Easter Sunday also has another serious connotation.

The Ultimate Sunday Sundress Showdown.

For the best Easter dress in town. This is serious business. Everyone comes to church on Easter Sunday. Aunt Mabel, ex-boyfriend from high school and his new wife and perfect baby and former frenemies from high school. On Easter Sunday, one must be ready with a killer dress. You cannot look like you are trying too hard. Effortless chic is key. Especially when ex-boyfriend's wife is being spit up on by the baby.

This dress is the one. Feminine, flattering, effortless and not the usual Easter Sunday pink or navy that are overly prevalent in my conservative Episcopalian parish. The wrap dress may well be the best invention for the female form since the brassiere and this modern interpretation is quite lovely. Menfolk, what do you think?

By Lela Rose, available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf for a small fortune.


  1. Me likes, but I better not say that too loudly.

  2. I like this a whole lot better than the Easter hat tradition. I grew up the only girl between three brothers. Said brothers never had to wear the obligatory Easter hat that went with the new Easter dress. Whoever invented that fabric covered elastic string that held one's hat on ought to be taken out and shot. My brothers were forever snapping that elastic string against my cheek.

  3. I'd pay a fortune for her hips...or lack thereof.