Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Too Cool for School

I'll continue the discussion about cars by showing you two models that always get the thumbs up from my two boys, 16 and 15. There are two of these old Landcruisers tooling around our neighborhood. One is owned by a good friend who is a garden designer and she always has the back filled up with flats of annuals and tools. The other shows up at the high school everyday driven by the youngest son of a socially prominent banker who lives in a house once owned by the Maxwell family (of Maxwell House Coffee fame).

We have just one of these beauties still on the road around here. It's navy (which is my favorite, as I so coveted a friend's classy navy number back in the early 1990's when the rest of us were all stuck in our matching Dodge Caravans) and currently has a boat hitched to the back in a neighbor's driveway. It's parked in the perfect position for a quick getaway to the lake.

When I was 16, all I wanted was a Trans Am or a Firebird like all the rich farm kids had (I drove a Pontiac Ventura, the same car as the Chevy Nova....and no I did not get to pick it out!) If we lived in outer suburbia, I'm sure that the boys would have different ideas of what is considered a "cool" car--something very expensive no doubt. We planned on giving J3 DOTR's 1999 Landcruiser when he turned 16, but DOTR isn't ready to give it up yet. He'll probably still be driving it 2019.

By then we might finally be too cool for school, too.


  1. The Grand Wagoneer is one of my all time favorites, especially in navy.

  2. My youngest son just bought a well used Landcruiser, the seller had thrown a lot of money into. I promised to buy it from him when he as through with it.